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Return To Gaza

Gaza is Fetah Sabawi’s ancestral home. Can he take his family back? Can he start a music school in Gaza? Can he be part of a solution? What are his chances? Return to Gaza is a very personal insight into the Mid East conflict.



Our Generation

An unforgettable journey deep into the heart of remote Aboriginal Australia. Hailed by critics as Australia's "Inconvenient Truth", it is a cry for justice and survival by the oldest living culture in the world.


Film News

Australian writer-director Jeff Canin has succeeded in crafting a film that is heads and tails above the pack in documenting both the effects of climate change and the political struggle to enact change itself…


magine hiding in the dark in a small space behind the walls of your own house, hidden from everyone, even your own daughter, in fear for your life, for thirty years. Imagine waiting for an era to pass, a regime to fall, while trapped in isolation…


Latest Filmmakers


Serene Meshel-Dillman

The documentary “Getting to the Nutcracker” was inspired by a book published in 1976 by Jill Krementz titled “A Very Young Dancer”. The book followed students at The School of American Ballet (SAB) from auditions through to performance of The Nutcracker Ballet with New York City Ballet. Serene was a student at SAB at this time....



Mark Andersson

As a Director / Cinematographer with a strong background in observational documentary, Mark’s films have screened on SBS, ABC, NITV, Australia Network, Al Jazeera and at numerous national and international festivals...



Annie Goldson

New Zealand director Dr. Annie Goldson has been making award-winning films for over 20 years...


Articles & Interviews


New Zealand director and producer Annie Goldson has built her career on telling deeply emotional stories, often involving family members going back to where a loved one has died and making sense of their story…


The real guts of this film is the tense–and loving–relationship between this ageing boxer, his needs for closure and acceptance, and his family and life now…


The Burning Season, an ‘eco-thriller,’ examines whether a massive carbon trading deal can protect the forests of Indonesia, save the orangutans from extinction and help redefine the Earth’s future…


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